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  1. sue says:

    Thanks for this reminder. Want to share it with my friends too.
    So few are aware DEC 1 has been declared WORLD AIDS DAY.
    Working hard…missing our precious kids so much. MOM

  2. Lynne says:

    A wise friend once told me, “It is times like this that it matters the most to believe.” Still…so hard.

  3. Lorna says:

    What a precious reminder of the divinity of following one’s calling – of allowing yourself to be guided and to find such rich blessing (and, I know, at times heartbreak, hand in hand) in that calling. As you noted, a true calling, and taking the steps with faith, leads to such fulfillment. And yes, I’ll pray for Ivan, and for Bob, with love. Lorna

  4. Sandra Winter says:

    Thank you so much for your writings and open heart to share these personal and touching experiences with your precious children. They touch my heart and remind me to pray and reach out to give and receive caring and love with those whose path my life crosses. A have
    a feeling that your writings touch and inspire more lives than you are even aware of. God
    uses you in so many ways Nathaniel, thank you for your faithfulness to His call. The sharing of your own feelings during this call, have also touched me again and again. Blessings.

    • Thank you so much for these very kind comments, Sandra. Writing is my therapy, so I am pleased that it serves others as well. And thank you for supporting my kids so generously over the years. We are better because of your partnership. –N

  5. sue says:

    PROFOUND. PUNGANT.POWERFUL. Thanks for sharing this again!!!

  6. SUZY says:

    IT IS COLD AT NIGHT! for us here!! YES…I want to
    share 3 blankets with your precious children. love ya, suzy

  7. Lynda Pierce says:

    “Don’t you leave me out here! ‘Cuz I know it’s snack time inside!!”

  8. Marilyn Prentice says:

    You want me to sit still AND smile?

  9. Oops, I think I did it again.

  10. Debby Westcott says:

    “Seriously! You love me that much?”

  11. Diana Thompson says:

    You’re doing THAT to try and make me laugh?

  12. Bill Gordon says:

    Jewel of Africa, hope of the world.

  13. Suzy says:

    Your pungent words and musing touched my soul deeply, coming from the African bush in a stream of soul searching thought. Made me search my own heart and how I am handling things here in Africa and other parts of my life. I am eternally grateful to you my dear friend for impacting me again in such a powerful way! always, suzy

  14. Barbara Breen says:

    Thank you for publishing this important response to a headline that could mislead public perception of AIDS and its tragic effect on newborns the world over. The prenatal treatments the fortunate baby received is probably not available to many US babies, let alone those in sub-Saharan Africa. I will continue to support the great work you are doing at AidChild, and continue to spread the word that there are thousands of babies and children who continue to need our help and love.

    Barbara Breen
    Stamford, CT

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for this, Barbara. All of it! Thank you for being with us in this fight and on this journey!

  15. Carla H says:

    As easily as Sue (JaJa) cries so also laughs freely! It is a great combo in a persevering spirit and mind. She can’t help herself. She expresses both joy with crying and laughing. She also can turn and cry REAL tears if someone nearby or far is hurting. It is a gift of God that she has called a compassionate presence. I admire how she always wanted to be a nurse, instead of a school principal or writer or leader or Aglow Conference speaker. In her ability to care, I see the NURSE she always wanted to study to become. Throughout life she has become a motherly, grandmotherly resource to health for many. I congratulate my sister, Sue Dunigan, on her Mother’s? Grandmother’s DAY 2014! I am also happy that God collects her tears in a bottle and sees every one of those on her face. Her children WILL ARISE AND CALL HER BLESSED!

  16. Carla B. Heinecke, M.Ed. says:

    You are in my thoughts every few minutes. I know facing the future without one of your baby sons is heart-wrenching. I know God will make a way, like Grandma Bobbie always told me! You are in safe HANDS! I hurt for you and thank you for this message! Each life is worth the hurt!

    Always yours,

    Close in heart,


  17. Lynne says:

    I always wondered what fell through last year. I love this story of family. Of integrity. Of open doors after closed windows.

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