Off to school

Off to school!

A message from Jack Dunigan, father of our founder, Dr. Nathaniel:

How happily they go to school! Their energy and excitement are real and pervasive. For days before the beginning of each school term, they gather school supplies, pack and repack school bags, clean and press their uniforms, and shine their shoes.

All of our children are living with HIV/AIDS, but even In the midst of their personal challenges, they dream and they dream big!

One young man told me his favorite subject is math and that he intends to become a doctor someday. I’m convinced he can do it.

  • His dream is no pipe dream!
  • I have no doubt he will achieve that dream!
  • Why do I believe it?

Because when APTITUDE partners with MOTIVATION, PURPOSE is born.

When dreams are rooted in reality…

  • They instill a sense of destiny,
  • Of resolution,
  • Of intention,
  • Of determination,
  • Of hope,
  • Of purpose.
  • They make sense out of all the challenges.
  • They impart energy to overcome obstacles.
  • They instill courage to counterattack setbacks.
  • They add credence to hope.
  • They add validity to the struggle.

PURPOSE, when coupled with opportunity, turns the POSSIBLE into the PROBABLE! 

Sadly, one school official asked us why we bother sending our children to school. He believes that AIDS is a enough reason to render any planning for the future both futile and useless.

We don’t!

We send them all to school because we know that hope and hope’s promise of a better tomorrow is a most powerful medicine.  When someone has hope, they have something to live for, dreams to reach for, a future to enjoy.

The kids in the photo above are smiling because every step they take down the road to school is another step into tomorrow!

Even Africa’s poorest parents elect to pay for low-cost private education instead of sending their kids to government schools–where teachers rarely show up.  All quality schooling is private and must be paid for. Now, private schools in the United States are pricey. The average American private school tuition is $8,549 per year.

But private schooling here in Uganda is an average of $300 per year! That’s right, just $300.

This covers:

  • Tuition,
  • Books,
  • Lunches,
  • School fees,
  • School Supplies, and
  • Uniforms!

Why are we telling you this?

Because the power of purpose made evident and real by education is so strong, so compelling, so energizing, the small amount this costs, pays incredibly disproportionate dividends. The ROI is fantastically high!

The difference between life and death of a dream is only $300.00.

I don’t know anywhere you can get more return for such a small amount.

For the cost of a Thirstbuster a day at the convenience store, where a fountain soft drink of any size is only 84 cents, you can Picture3make a difference.

One Thirstbuster a day adds up to how much?

$306.60 a year
And for a daily cost of only 84 cents!!

So it seems that the power of PURPOSE is not all that expensive!

  • Just 84 cents a day will do it.
  • Only $25 a month
  • And it’s easy to do.

And we make it personal

  • Our children are OUR children.
  • They are not nameless faces.
  • I’ll match your monthly support to a specific child.
  • A child for whom the power of purpose and life lays directly in your discretion to provide for only 84 cents a day.
  • Your gift does not merely flow into a fund. It goes directly to send Sam, or Ruth, Njuba, Mary or one of our children to school.
  • And I’ll personally make sure you know who. Your $25 a month donation will pay the education expenses for your student. You’ll receive photos, regular quarterly letters from him or her, and the warm sense of worth that comes from knowing you have added fuel to the fire of life and kept the hopes and dreams of the future alive and well.

So, how about it? Are you in?

  • You are only a Thirstbuster away from making a BIG difference in a small child’s life.
  • Let’s get started, shall we?

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