Let’s Take Her

“Let’s Take Her” – from Nathaniel Dunigan’s Journal

“Let’s take her!” our Peace Corps Nurse said to me. Michelle’s eyes were so compassionate. Heart-excited. Justine a tiny bundle in her arms. “I have never seen a baby so wasted or malnourished,” she said. Then added, “But we can help her.”

What she didn’t know is that I was saying all the same things in my heart.

Yes, I was rushing around, trying to get ready for our quarterly AIDchild Community Advisory Board meeting. Big wigs arriving any minute.

And I was worrying about some of the practicalities of the blood drive we were hosting at our site. And wondering if I had enough energy to donate also. (I did.)

And I was considering our latest budget challenges.

And I was nursing a nasty cold.

And I am still trying to recover from my sprained ankle. (A word to the wise: Don’t try to slip your shoes on while rushing out the door, down steps, with kids all around. Just not a good idea.)

I’m such a baby. How I HATE to be sick! Honestly, I think this is what so drove me to start AIDchild. When I saw so many orphans here in Africa. Suffering. Unnecessarily. And considered how I hate to “suffer” through a cold or sprain. Well, I had to act. That I know.

As I looked at this sweet, tiny baby, there was so much I didn’t know. I didn’t yet know if we could get proper paperwork for her. I didn’t even who had brought her. I didn’t know if she had been immunized, or if she could potentially be carrying something like African measles or chicken pox. (A major concern with dozens of other immune-suppressed kids.)

But I did know two things. 1) Of course we would take her, and 2) We can help her. SO MUCH!

This is such an exciting place. I can barely think of going to sleep tonight.

A new baby!



Less suffering.

I love it!

Thanks to my wonderful staff and to your generous support, we CAN help. Tragedy gets erased. Tears are wiped away. And life–precious life–springs forth.

Thank you so much for standing with us.

–Nathaniel, kids & staff