In 2024, we celebrate 24 years of service!

Your support is essential as we move into PHASE 4 of our strategic plan to foster leadership for an HIV-free generation.

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PHOTO: A training session in the gardens at A.L.I.

  • PHASE 1 provided hospice care for children living with AIDS. (2000)
  • PHASE 2 began when we were the first in Uganda to provide free ARVs for children,* transitioning to lifesaving care, and to long-term education and developmental support. (2002)
  • PHASE 3 saw the creation of the AidChild Leadership Institute, preparing young adults  (the babies who were born with HIV–and who have now grown up!)  for independence and personal power. (2017)
  • PHASE 4 is the most revolutionary yet as we harness all our learnings to engage interns and students in the biggest dream of all: an HIV-free generation! (2024)





Central to the success of PHASE 4 will be a new community library and an HIV-Memorial on AidChild’s Diana Beyer Thompson Campus at the equator line. The permanent memorial will be Uganda’s only honoring of those who have passed, and of the power of treatment.


The current, average age of Ugandans is 16.3 years old, meaning many do not have any first-hand knowledge of AIDS, and only some of HIV. This is a crucial time for the library and the memorial — in the work of effecting social change at-scale — through education and sensitization.


To read more about the library and memorial, click here.  **We need your support to make these a reality.** 

Watch the 70-second video BELOW by USAID to learn more about AidChild:



*With support from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Read more here.




Nathaniel Dunigan