As we finalize our model of leadership development for the continent — with the goal of
an HIV-free generation — a new campus is needed.

Download a PDF of this page here: AidChild Campus Handout

Entire project budget: $253,000.

Total amount raised to-date: $145,400.

Total amount still needed: $107,500.

This campus will pay for itself within four years!

This is true thanks to the savings provided by eliminating our need for rent, generating solar energy,
harvesting rain water, and producing some of our own food.


Great thanks to HELPS Ministries for our architectural designs and plans!




  • Community Library (availing thousands of texts to the public)
  • Classroom & Dining Pavilion
  • Dormitories
  • Kitchen, Office & Security
  • Airbnb Guest Suites (for income generation)
  • Flag Memorial
  • Red Ribbon Drive


Key Features:

  • Rain water harvested from all roofs
  • Solar power supplements power from the grid
  • Inverter backup power
  • Modified traditional Ugandan kitchen conserves energy
  • Vegetable and tea gardens
  • Fruit trees


Our model of leadership development for the continent is holistic,
including balanced and appetizing, nutritional offerings,
and classes which focus on the whole person.


Other costs:

Septic System: $3,740.
Government Taxes and Title Fees: $1,826.
Inverter and Power Backup: $2,000.
Solar power: $4,800.
Main Security Gate: $2,000.
Perimeter Security Wall: $13,000.
Vegetable Gardens: $2,000. ($500 already funded. $1,500 remaining.)



Named gifts:

Donor name on individual buildings: Total construction cost of each building.



For more information:

Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan, CEO




or to


PO Box 4089

North Fort Myers, FL 33918

IRS EIN: 86-1040686

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