• Statement about 2nd baby cured of HIV

    latimesWe celebrate the great news that a second baby has apparently been cured of HIV! But we do so with great caution. As most doctors and observers point out, this is only the second case, and a full lifetime has not yet come and gone, so we cannot be absolutely sure. Still, we are thrilled for this baby girl in Los Angeles, and for those who love her.

    Everyday, approximately 900 babies are born with HIV, most of them here in sub-Saharan Africa. And so precious few of  them have access to any treatment at all, let alone to the aggressive treatment provided for the baby in the Los Angeles case.

    And our biggest worry is that people will misunderstand this news. Safe sex is still essential. Research and treatment are still required. HIV has NOT yet been cured.  

    Support for AidChild and for organizations like ours remains crucial. In the time that it has taken you to read this post, at least two more children have been born with HIV. And there are nearly 40 million others currently fighting this virus everyday. Many without treatment. Others, like our kids, taking medication twice a day.

    Celebrate with us the miracle of this second baby, and fight with us for the millions of others.

    For a link to the story we reference, click here.