The AidChild Academy and Wellness Center for Girls

The AidChild Academy and Wellness Center for Girls picWill you help us make this happen?

This guesthouse will be converted into a very special home providing compassionate nurturing care, spiritual development, rigorous academic support and excellent medical care for girls and young women living with HIV/AIDS. Located on the outskirts of Entebbe Town, this large parcel consisting of four buildings will also become AidChild’s new headquarters, and will embody the evolution of our services. While we will continue to serve children of both genders in our other facilities, this new center will allow us to specifically cater services to girls and young women, preparing them for leadership on the national and global stages.

“Our board and team have been focused on how to evolve to match the needs of our kids and society at-large,” says AidChild Founder Nathaniel Dunigan*. “One of our goals is to maximize the already stellar job that our humble academy is doing. Our kids perform very well on standardized tests Dr. Patrick Banura AidChildwhen they emerge from our little tutoring center. The new Academy and Wellness Center for Girls is a huge step in the right direction.”

This center will serve as a model for future endeavors, and as a learning center for the organization’s leadership. We hope to capture the ingredients of our current academic successes so that they can be transferred to other settings and students.

And we’re ready to go. All we need is a little funding, everything else is in place. The total budget is only $55,109, including most of the first year’s operating expenses (or $39,153 including six months’ operating budget). Will you help us?

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