Just 16 kms (10 mi) from the AidChild Equator Shop is this very moving memorial, a Ugandan burial site for 4,771 victims of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda.

The bodies of these Tutsi victims were recovered from the waters of Lake Victoria by the people of Uganda. Having been cast into Rwandan rivers and streams by their attackers, they eventually found their final resting place here.


You can meaningfully experience the memorial from outside the gates even if the site is closed. (All of these photos were taken from outside to demonstrate that fact. Official opening hours are sporadic.)


We suggest planning about 55 minutes in total (once you leave the main road, including time to offer your respects and for the roundtrip drive). There is no charge to enter.


For FREE info & directions, stop in at the AidChild Equator Shop just north of the equator line on Masaka Road. 








Read Uganda’s New Vision newspaper article about the site:



There are two other Tutsi burial sites in Uganda: at Kansensero, Rakai, and Lambu, Masaka.  




Nathaniel Dunigan