AidChild’s Equation Café & Gallery, at the equator!

Beckoning travelers off the road as they cross the equator, AidChild’s Equation Café satisfies a tourist’s quest for an exotic location, a cold drink, and a hot meal. A wide veranda offers shelter from the intense sun or the equally strong rains that may suddenly drench those enjoying Equations many treasures while enjoying a snack of meal.


Sitting exactly on the equator, the Equation Café is right on the way to visit the gorillas at Bwindi, or the lions and elephants at Queen Elizabeth National Park.


Founded in 2002, with a grant from USAID, the café, its gallery of African art, and its shop stocked with the best of fair-trade East African crafts demonstrates our commitment and vision for sustainable, income-producing, job-creating businesses that directly fund our homes, clinics, and academies.  See our menu here.  And feel free to call us at 0779.6.999.22.



Airbnb Guestrooms at A.L.I., Entebbe

Charming, private guestrooms and baths inside the AidChild Leadership Institute (A.L.I.), a modern education facility.


Your hosts are A.L.I.’s interns, welcoming you to also enjoy their library, spacious gardens with a lake view, and free WiFi! Eight minutes from the airport. Gym and swimming pool within walking distance.


Proceeds from your stay pay for the academic needs of  our interns.

Here’s a link to MORE PICS, our calendar, rates, and booking information.

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