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AidChild’s Equation Café & Gallery, in Kayabwe

Beckoning travelers off the road as they cross the equator, AidChild’s Equation Café satisfies a tourist’s quest for an exotic location, a cold drink, and a hot meal. A wide veranda offers shelter from the intense sun or the equally strong rains that may suddenly drench those enjoying Equations many treasures while enjoying a snack of meal.

Sitting exactly on the equator, the Equation Café is right on the way to visit the gorillas at Bwindi, or the lions and elephants at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Founded in 2002, with a grant from USAID, the café, its gallery of African art, and its shop stocked with the best of fair-trade East African crafts demonstrates our commitment and vision for sustainable, income-producing, job-creating businesses that directly fund our homes, clinics, and academies.  See our menu here.  

AidChild’s Ten Tables Restaurant & Terrace Club Guesthouse, in Masaka


Nestled on a hillside overlooking the southeast Ugandan city of Masaka, these three businesses are part of a complex developed in stages. The first, Ten Tables Restaurant, offers a touch of casual elegance and cultured refinement perched on the edges of civilization. The hungry diner is greeted by an attentive server, soft lighting, linen table cloths, and dark furniture. The food, generous portions prepared in our own kitchens with produce and meat bought from local farms, is served promptly and attentively.

Climb the stairs and enter into an entirely different dimension of entertainment. The Terrace Club offers panoramic views from the roof, cold drinks from the bar, hot food and snacks from the kitchen, and the compelling rhythms of the best in East African music well into the night. Ugandans are night people, often dining and enjoying the company of good friends well past midnight. The Terrace Club opened in 2011 with a grant from a generous donor as part of our ongoing social entrepreneurship commitment.

Open in 2012, the Terrace Club Guest house provides a comfortable, clean, and safe night’s rest for travelers on their way to the game parks or returning to Kampala. The funding for start-up came from a generous donor, and provides income for the care of AidChild’s children, employment for those who serve our guests, and a vital service for those who venture out on Ugandan roads.

AidChild’s Olubugo:  Dining. Art. Music.  In Entebbe.

Our newest venture is located in Entebbe, just minutes from Uganda’s International Airport. Funded by a grant from the Enlightened Hospitality Group, Olubugo is named after the Luganda word for the bark-cloth that wraps the walls. Olubugo features a ground-floor restaurant and art gallery, and rooftop lounge. Our chef is a gifted and talented master in the kitchen, our wait staff attentive and professional, our location convenient and elegant, and our commitment to serve our guests beyond question. Whether it is a quiet dinner, an evening of music, or simply to enjoy a major sporting event on our flat screen television, Olubugo is the place in Entebbe.

See Olubugo’s Facebook page here, and see some of the press coverage here!  And see our menu here!

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