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What is the AidChild Leadership Institute?

  AidChild has been serving children at centers in the Mpigi, Nkumba, and Masaka districts of Uganda since 2000, and was the first to provide free antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) for children in Uganda (thanks to an early partnership with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation). Members of AidChild‘s first cohort of ARV-recipients (assembled 15 years ago) are now interns at the AidChild Leadership Institute (ALI) in Entebbe. As they emerge into adulthood, this wellness and academic-support program is our climactic offering. ALI’s younger residents hold the title of “Novices.” As interns-in-training, novices are provided quality psychosocial support and holistic guidance to foster their   Read More

Success Stories

Every one of our children is a story of success as our team works very hard to make sure that each individual life story has voice and meaning. Whether it's working to find just the right place for Rogers to live as he begins his second year at Mkarere University (he came to us at age 12), or finding the extra resources Dorah needs to pay for the advanced classes she wants to take at Secondary School, or making a local delicacy just a little sweeter for five-year-old Catherine, our desire to celebrate real hope brings joyful purpose to our days.


Good medicine and good food set the stage for active-compassion's powerful work to effect change that matters.

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Watch Our Videos

From the lighthearted to the deeply compelling, these videos capture pieces of our precious life as seen by our kids and our volunteers.