The AidChild Leadership Institute

Welcome to A.L.I.

AidChild has been serving children at centers in the Mpigi, Nkumba, and Masaka districts of Uganda since 2000, and was the first to provide free antiretroviral therapy for children--thanks to an early partnership with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. We currently have two exciting centers and initiatives:

A.L.I. trains and equips young changemakers living with HIV in Entebbe, Uganda, East Africa–within a proven framework of self-sustainability. We aim to create a model of leadership development for the region with the shared goal of an HIV-free generation.

Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan, Chief Executive Officer

Since Nathaniel founded AidChild in 2000, the now largely self-sustained organization has cared for 3,000 children living with HIV/AIDS in East Africa. He lived in rural Uganda for nine years before attending Harvard University where he completed a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing in Human Development and Psychology. He was also a Reynolds Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and winner of the 2010 Harvard HDP Marshal Award. He also holds a PhD in Education and Leadership from the University of San Diego where he was the Dammeyer Fellow in Global Education Leadership.


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AidChild Leadership Institute

Members of our first cohort of ARV-recipients (assembled in 2001) are interns at A.L.I. As they emerge into adulthood, this wellness and academic-support program is our climactic offering. A.L.I.’s younger residents hold the title of “novices.” As interns-in-training, novices are provided quality psychosocial support and holistic guidance to foster their development. Our goal is to become a model of leadership development–and to achieve an HIV-free generation.

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Human Development Center

Near A.L.I. is our Human Development Center (H.D.C.). Through H.D.C., we are creating a NEW model of care, focused on holistic and advanced development of the human person through a guided and intentional environment for living and learning. It is the work of the interns at A.L.I. (the AidChild Leadership Institute) under the guidance of Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan. The interns and Dr. Dunigan are developing a hands-on, team approach to early childhood education with a variety of media and a fast-paced daily schedule...

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H.D.C. Kids

Our Airbnb Guestroom

Proceeds fund scholarships for our interns

Charming, private guestroom and bath inside the AidChild Leadership Institute (A.L.I.), a modern education facility.

Your hosts are A.L.I.’s interns, welcoming you to also enjoy their library, spacious gardens with a lake view, and free WiFi! Eight minutes from the airport. Gym and swimming pool within walking distance.

Proceeds from your stay will pay for the academic needs of our interns.

Here’s the Airbnb link to MORE PICS, our calendar, rates, and booking information.

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